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Pooch Professional Nail Clipper Nail Scissor Nail Cutter

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This high quality pooch nail clipper is specially designed for home use. When your dog's nails are growing long, they will feel pain while they are walking. So this clipper is a perfect choice to keep your pet free from discomfort.
  • Long-lasting and durable spring action and comfortable handle that makes them easy safe and convenient to use
  • Sharp Stainless Steel blades that enable a clean cut at the right length without hurting your pooch by cutting too deep

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Style:A the safety lock is on the front part of the clipper
         B the safety lock is on the rear part of the clipper
Size: S length:11.5 cm for small and medium dogs
         M length:15.5 cm for medium and big dogs
Don't cut your dogs nails too short to avoid hurting them.
Clip your pet's nails around about every 10 days.
Lock the clipper when not use.
Keep the clippers away from your pets and your children.

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